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Wood Refinishing
  • Basic Wood Renewal - renews the life and shine of wood/keep same color of your cabinets
  • Color Shift - slightly changes the tone of wood
  • Color Change - Completely changes color of wood 
Flooring - Refinishing
  • Wood Refinishing - renews the life and shine of wood

Nhance DOES NOT SAND FLOORS.  Over time, wear and tear on your floors can be filled in and repaired by our process. Tom is happy to do a small area demonstration on floor wood surface.  You will see the dramatic improvement in the luster of your floor. 
What Can You Expect on A Free In-Home Estimate?
  • RECEIVE a written estimate on your project have have your questions answered by Tom;
  • VIEW color availability for your project (for wood renewals or solid stains - choose what you want);
  • LOOK AT before/after pictures of project jobs we've completed;
  • CALL some of our very satisfied and happy customers; (upon request we will provide you customer names & phones)
About the Work
  • ​Basic Renewals - 1 - 2 days  (Average Kitchen)
  • Color Shifts/Changes - 2-3 days (Average Kitchen);
  • Solid Stains - 4 days (Average to Large Kitchens);
  • Flooring Areas - 2-3 days
  • No need to remove any items from your kitchen cabinets;
  • You may use your kitchen cabinets that evening;
  • Flooring Renewals -  walk on the next day.
About the Cost
Obtain your quote for Replacing & Refacing
Your Cabinets
You Will Find Nhance
Very Affordable
If you like your cabinets, but they are looking worn or old, BEFORE YOU EXPENSIVELY RE-FACE or REPLACE,

Call Tom @ 864-5558-1000
Mill Spring, North Carolina  28756
Phone:  864-558-1000   /   Email: tom@nhancingcabinets.com
No Sanding, No Dust, No Mess, No Odor
The Nhance process renews and revitalizes the life and luster of your wood cabinets OR we can change the color OR we can replace your door/drawer fronts - A fresh new look!
Introducing the Lightspeed Machine

Floor Renewal Project/w Lightspeed for David & Lori S 
Landrum, SC
 Granite Countertop Renewal

For Granite, Engineered Granite & Quartz
* Quick & Easy
* Restores Stone Like New
* Very Affordable
*Complete in 2 Hours

  • Full Color Change
  • Our Stain Allows Choice of Any Color 
  • Quality - No Drips, Streaks or Bleed thru;
  • Lasting Durability - No Chipping or Peeling - Rock Hard Finish
Cure your floor INSTANTLY with the
 Lightspeed Machine
  Tom will be happy to discuss the process with you.
For Use on All Wood Cabinets
Solid Stain Refinish/w Polyurethane Finish
For Use on Wood Cabinets or Painted Cabinets
For Use on Wood Flooring
Hundreds of Colors to Choose From
Get a "Free In-Home Estimate"
Cabinet Door/Drawer Front Replacemet

  • Many Door Styles to Choose From
  • Custom Made to Your Measurements 
  • Competitively Priced
  • Very Affordable for a Brand New Look for Your Kitchen
Tina renewing granite counter tops for David & Lori S
  Landrum, SC